Rivers and Coffins

Truth is a river,
Greed is a coffin,
Speak of the moment,
O’er speak less often,

The earth is alive,
And in decay,
In disarray,

Attune mind to heart,
Earth goes your way,
Attune kindly art,
Earth is here to stay,

Board up walls and nail them shut,
If you want a shell in a rut,
High off entertainment,
A jig caught the eye,
Maybe if I’m quiet,
The moment will take its time meandering by,

Vanity of the masses,
Suckle on a few,
Let them do the thinking,
While I stew,
Align in rhythm without question,
Enslaved to the idea of mass precession,

Grip the branch and hold her steady,
Not too tight she’ll break if you’re heavy,
Listen to her and no one besides,
Align the mind as she gently guides

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