Monoecious Plants and Divine Androgynes

Evergreen forest HD wallpaper download

Today I want to begin a discussion on understanding our environment and how people have molded themselves within it.  An apt comparative model are monoecious plants.  First let us begin with defining monoecious.

Monoecious : describes a single plant that bears both male and female flowers.

Most evergreens are monoecious.  Your spruces, firs, and pines among other species possess both sex organs and can thus self pollinate.

Dioecious plants, as you might expect, only have male or female sex organs and require an opposite sex plant in close proximity to achieve successful pollination to produce flowers.

Ginkgos, willows, and aspen trees among many other species require companions to fertilize flowers.

Apples, pears, cherries, and plums can be either monoecious or dioecious depending on cultivar.

As you can plainly see plants have complex biology but their style of reproduction is determined at birth.  Dioecious vs Monoecious

Divine Androgynes, or so they think…

Now let us dig into the much thornier ~pun intended~ topic of androgynous beings.

Growing up in suburban Connecticut I did not feel particularly exposed to this lifestyle never thinking twice about cross-dressing or otherwise hermaphroditic folks.  Let people do what they want was how I felt so long as they did not negatively infringe upon my life.  The golden rule.  Treat others how you want to be treated always rings true.

My first serious observation of this behavior took place when I was a young lad out on Cape Cod.  Our family went to Provincetown for a Whale Watch.  I distinctively recall a lean man in drag frolicking around in a yellow dress encouraging the promenaders to visit the art gallery.  This was something I saw as a joke or his honest natural preference of attire.  My mother had forewarned us that Provincetown was a hotbed for drag queens and I felt good knowing these people could express themselves free of ridicule from those rigidly bound to masculine and feminine gender expression in less accepting environments.  The whole boys play with trucks and wear blue while girls play with dolls and wear pink schtick which still pervades today is blatantly idiotic.

Image result for provincetown ma drag shows

This frame of mind was consistent through university until after graduation from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  I then became ensconced in dormitory life at Northern Arizona University where I stayed with my partner at the time for a semester in 2016.

We lived in Gabaldon Dormitory which was distinguished by the fact that it was gender inclusive.    This meant people who identified as men, women, intersex, transgender, or otherwise felt comfortable as there were others around them who were similarly conscientious and acknowledged gender as a non-binary reality.  My partner claimed we were the only heterosexual people in the dormitory.  “Whatever” would be the choice word for my initial foray into this environment.  I likened myself as easygoing and played along but the darkness of the situation became evident shortly thereafter.

Everyone in this building was a victim.  On the surface they were these confident people who found a collective self-esteem boost by being around others with similar difficulties.  Some had been picked on for being gay, some were ousted by their family members, or ridiculed as weird.  I empathized with these characters for a while but I grew to find the whole affair to be tedious.  It was non-stop drama devoid of logic.

I would be around some people talking about lord knows what and refer to a very effeminate person as a she only to be corrected with “I prefer the pronouns “they” or “zer” or “fox kin”” or some other such nonsense.  “They” for example, is usually plural but I quickly realized this was my failsafe word in this looney environment.  Anyone can be a “they.”  I described how disgruntled I was with the tedium to my partner during this frustrating semester and she retorted again and again how I had to respect their wishes and be conscientious of their feelings.  I was flummoxed.  Why can’t we just move beyond this trite garbage and dig into life’s complex mysteries?

I was exhausted.  It boggled my mind how idiotic these people chose to behave.  I cannot fathom someone calling me a “she” for example and replying in condescending indignation “excuse me. I actually prefer being called a he.”  Who cares?! As if egged on by a cultic mentality of victimhood, they were reinforced with their crying by other victims. Why not have fun instead of worrying about social justice banter?  The whole affair was riddled in juvenile thought and I sincerely wish these people have dropped this entitlement as time has gone on. Needless to say, I was elated when I left this unintentional insane asylum.

Not long after, I went on to familiarize myself with the Jordan Peterson situation and I quickly realized this was a social epidemic.  In brief, Jordan Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.  He took the world by storm, or at least my world, when he espoused frustration in having to call his students and peers by their personally enforced pronouns.  This view was upheld by the University of Toronto and he was threatened with his job for questioning their policy of enforced pronouns ergo all encompassing inclusivity.

Jordan Peterson Now Accepts Bitcoin and Working on a ...

I saw it how he did.  These people felt like they gained a voice by fighting for their pronouns as typified social justice warriors.  Ultimately, in my eyes, it sated their incorrigible yearning desire for attention.  This felt like negative attention.  These people seemed to want attention for the sake of getting attention at any cost period.  I have yet to confront a remotely comparable selfish group of people in my life.  That is until recently.

The Enormous Elephant in the Room

Image result for Friends  tv show women

Trannies…every one of ’em

This picture could easily have been the Game of Thrones cast, the Seinfeld cast, or the Harry Potter cast.  Honestly this picture could have been actors from any Hollywood, Bollywood, or BFI production.  Perhaps more mind boggling to some is this could have been a group of federal politicians, high profile CEOs, musicians, athletes, or royal families.  I chose the cast of Friends simply because there are an even number of them on either side of the spectrum.

Now this may shock some people, but after studying human anatomy, watching videos of transvestigations, and researching alchemy, freemasonry, and Talmudic Judaism I feel confident in the assertion that all A-list stars on magazines, moreover, all people who are on the world stage, are in fact divine androgynes or in colloquial tongue, trannies who incessantly lie.

As a child who was propped in front of the television by busy parents on a nightly basis, this was particularly striking information for me to rationalize.  The musicians, popular authors, and even athletes I grew up loving were lying to my face about their identities, motives, and the reality is far more twisted than has been conveyed.  Let’s look into this divine androgyne business before delving into some familiar characters.

Image result for divine androgyne“Exactly what is to be inferred by the division of the sexes as symbolically described in Genesis is a much-debated question. That man was primarily androgynous is quite universally conceded and it is a reasonable presumption that he will ultimately regain this bisexual state.” –Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree Freemason

“Between them [2 pillars Jachin and Boaz] is the door leading into the House of God, and standing thus at the gates of Sanctuary they are a reminder that Jehovah is both an androgynous and an anthropomorphic deity.” –Manly P. Hall

Hall, renowned for his fanciful mysticism regarding freemasonry and the ultimate goal of the secret society quite obviously lauded the alchemical concrescence in becoming an androgyne as he had done the transformation himself.  Let’s take a look at “not so” Manly P. Hall.

  Manly Palmer Hall - Theosophy Wiki

Are there differences between male and female skulls? - Quora

By studying this female and male skull chart it is quite easy to discern which category Ms. Manly fits.  She has a small head with a gently sloping jaw that comes to a point.  Biological males have squared jaws and broad dorsal deep cranial mass.  Manly has shallow eyes and soft features on the whole.  She does not have the penetrating eyes of a natural born male.  Also, note the high collar to cloak the lack of an Adam’s apple.

Image result for manly p hallImage result for male vs female shouldersImage result for male vs female digit ratio

There aren’t many full body photos of Manly where he isn’t cloaked in garb that completely hides his frame.  However, in this picture it is easy to see his shoulders are quite narrow and they slope downwards whereas males tend to have broad shoulders that run straight across.  He also has a receding hairline which is very rare among natural males.  Make sure to check digit ratios when conducting your own studies.

You may be saying “so what?” or “I know little men in my life and he looks like a little man.”  You mean like Napoleon Bonaparte “Boner Apart”, Kanye West, Tom Cruise, etc..  Boy are you in for an awakening  Alright.  He consistently has woman proportions whereas a man may have one or two feminine bone structure anomalies.  It is in my opinion that Manly has a joke name to mock the people he relates with as he is a deceiver all along.  You will notice as we go through this investigation that many of these closeted transvestites have mock names since the name of their game is to play a con on the masses.

Let’s jump forward to present day with some FTM transvestites on the masses.

Here is some name mockery.  Sandra Bullock.  A “bullock” is a castrated bull.Image result for sandra bullock laughing

Sure looks like a bullock with that huge head, large Adam’s apple, and broad shoulders.

Reese Witherspoon.  Withered Spoon you say?Image result for reese witherspoon bikini

Here she is throwing up two triple 6s for the mark of the beast.

Here are two admitted transvestites.  Their admissions can be taken in jest, but let’s take these people seriously when they tell the truth.  It’s in plain sight!

Megan Fox admits she is a manMegan Fox shows off tattoo tribute to husband Brian Austin ...

Jessica Alba admits she is a manImage result for jessica alba bikini

In both cases the actresses bluntly admitted their true gender and their biological markers do not lie.  You can see Megan Fox’s long humerus bone, adonis belt, large head, and wide shoulders.  Jessica Alba also has wide shoulders, no hips, or wide pectorals since she was not built to give birth, and a long tree trunk neck likened to a man.  Neither of them have the hourglass figure, birthing hips, and soft features of women because they are truly painted up men by their own admission.

  This is helpful information for the young girl who sees the Transformers film and hears all of her male friends gushing over Megan Fox only to realize her body is unattainable by natural women.  Transformers secret is that all of the actors are trans just like the auto-bots and decepticons.

This is also helpful information for the person who believes the tabloids and thinks Jessica Alba had three children and then promptly refined her toned physique.  He wore a moon bump and lies to the masses about birthing children thereby shaming the natural woman.Image result for moon bump

These two people represent rare cases in Hollywood where most of them choose to keep their mask on.  However, the biological markers tend to tell a different story than the one they convey in public. Chiefmoon Entertainment Buzz!: Is Beyonce's Pregnancy Fake?Image result for beyonce one eye

Here Beyonce or “Be a Boy Once’s” moon bump accidentally popped.  Beyonce is called Queen B but she is really a drag queen covering her large head with oodles of hair.  He is put on as a role model to women but in reality deceives people and worships the occult one eyed god Horus.

Now this goes both ways as I said earlier.

Image result for al pacinoImage result for al pacino satanicImage result for al pacino one eyeImage result for robert deniro young

Al Pacino FTM Puppet

In this video Youtuber MAG Bitter Truth breaks down the occultic symbols Al Pacino puts up.  His buddy Bobby and him pictured in the first photo here are posting up for a shot.  They’re renowned for making gangster films to mold the minds of the masses for grotesque violence and are both pouty faced females.  They both are little people with sloping shoulders, no brow line, throwing up satanic symbols.  In this last photo of Deniro he has shallow eyes, a sloping jaw, and no brow ridge whatsoever.  They’re pretty boys, right?

Image result for russell brand one eye

Wrong.  Here’s another FTM pretty boy.  I know no men who look delicate as Russell in my day-to-day activities. Image result for russell brand katy perry

He was married to this painted up man Karl Perry who is performing the Masonic hand in blazer/coat move for dear Russell.  Here it is plastered throughout history. Image result for masonic hand in coat

Let’s dive into popular music, shall we?

Image result for david bowie

You knew this one was coming, right?  Bowie is an obvious FTM with his lithe torso, tiny shoulders and small head but he is renowned as an androgynous figure anyhow.  I say “is” because this one is still parading around under some new guise.  He faked his death.  That’s what they do.

Image result for david bowie

Masonic code of silence.  We know your secret, David.

Bowie sings, “Here are we, one magical movement from Kether to Malkuth”  Kaballah is satanic black magic tranny worship.   Note Kether is the crown and Malkuth is the root.Jack Baldwin aka PanseyBard Digital Pied Piper: Tarot ...

Bowie was an ardent practitioner of the occult and cites Jewish mysticism here via the Cabalistic tree of life. Freemasonry, Satanism, and Talmudic Judaism are one and the same.

Here are some xenophobic Talmudic quotes.   Note a goy or goyim is referring to any non-Jewish person as cattle while a gentile is simply a non-Jewish person.  Welcome to the darkest religion on Earth everyone:

“If a Jew finds an object lost by a goy it does not have to be returned.”- Baba Mazia 24A

“If a goy hits a Jew he must be killed.”- Sanhedrin 58B

“If a Jew murders a goy there will be no death penalty”- Sanhedrin 57A

“What a Jew steals from a goy he may keep.” -Sanhedrin 57A

“All children of the Goyim are animals.”-Yebamoth 98A

“The Gentiles are not humans.  They are beasts.”-Baba Mezia 114B

“Even the best of the Goyim should all be killed.”-Soferim 15

Judaism is Satanism plain and simple.  They believe in child sacrifice.  Rabbis suck circumcised baby penises.  Judaism along with all other religions need to end.  God cannot be equated to man.  Religion is an arrogant interpretation of God.

Freemason Symbols On Dollar Bill -

Your American currency Spells out “Mason” as in the Masons who founded America and have been in power from day one.Freemasonry And Judaism Worship The Same Gods | Conspiracy ...

Do you now understand now who has enslaved the world?

There is some perspective.  Now back to the famous satanists, shall we?

How about the most famous fem boy band of all time?Image result for the beatles satanic

Dead babies are endearing, right?  Perhaps if you’re an androgyne hell bent on mocking and dumbing down the human race. Image result for the beatles satanic

Blatant satanists who all have soft features and were part of the occult from childhood.  They likely did not write their music and were simple puppets for the Luciferian regime.  I can hear some Beatlemaniac now,  “No, John is putting up the Rock on symbol” to which I say your brains are baked beans.

Like Bowie, John Lennon and George Harrison among other famous icons faked their deaths and are now playing new characters on the scene.  This might be due to the fact that their testosterone and plastic surgery could not keep up with their bodily changes.

Image result for the rolling stones satanic

Joke is on you if you believed in the Rolling Stones blatant satanic ways.  They’re all females practicing sonic witchcraft for decades now.  For those of you who grew up floored by the guitar riffs of these bands consider they have small feminine hands better capable of performing intricate string work.


The worst-dressed men and women in sport | Fitness ...

Maybe the easiest one to see of them all.  Serena Williams tears up the competition since she is nothing but a painted up man. Image result for serena williams one eye symbol

Nice Saturn/Satan one eyed god worship Serena.Tom Brady sacrificed at least $60m with discounted ...

Tranny couple decked out.  Look at Gisele’s square jaw and Tom’s gently sloping shoulders.  Also note how both have covered their necks especially Gisele who has a big ole Adam’s apple hiding underneath her neck cloth.Pin on New Currency

Just a dude in drag.  Check the humerus bone and adonis belt.  Whaddup GIZZelle?!

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Hold Hands in Miami ...

Jenny from the block used to have a cock.  A-Rod may not have one.  He is likely an MK Ultra slave like Tiger Woods.  Don’t mind the height look at the proportions of these circus freaks.  Nice tits and soft neck Alex.

Jennifer Lopez Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics ...

Perhaps a smaller boyfriend is more revealing to Jenny’s devilish ways.

Royal Family?

Princess Diana Death Anniversary: 16 Years Since Fatal Car ...

How goes it Di?  Don’t think you’re dead.  That tree trunk neck of yours and enormous noggin tell me you’re alive and well playing out as some other character.Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding: New Details on ...

Who’s soft?  Who’s hard?  This is boring at this stage.  Look at devious Meghan er MEGA HANS plotting a child abduction with her ginger snap.

How about politics?

Donna Trump | misery722 | Flickr

Hello Donna Trump.  Just make up added.  Otherwise she has delicate features no Adam’s apple and that turkey gullet woman get with age.

Michelle Obama is a MAN??? - YouTube

Ahh how goes it Michael.  Look at those huge shoulders and what is that… a bulge?!  She is not even a castrato like most of these divine androgynes.  Go back to the plastic doctor Mike.

The relationship timeline of John and Jackie Kennedy - INSIDER

Who has the soft features and who has the powerful shoulders and collar bones?  This is not hard at all.  As a general rule these elites switch their genders.  They are born into it.  We’re living in a satanic cult of deception and it is time to wake up.

Here is the occult hand symbolism

Why You Should Stop Making the Peace Sign in Pictures ...

Jackie gives the peace sign like all the tourist OTB Asians.  No you racist.  This is actually the Baphomet hand symbol.  He/she is shouting out to the goat god Baphomet who resembles the divine androgyne.  Jackie is a woman playing a man.

Baphomet — Wikipédia

Here’s the Baphomet itself giving the as above so below hand symbolism.

Illuminati Eye Hand 666 Symbolism 👁👌 - YouTube

Here are some more sodomites using that one eye symbol in recognition of the ancient Egyptian story of Horus.  Horus is Osiris son and he sacrificed his eye to Osiris or God.  These transformers acknowledge Horus otherwise they don’t get paid.  They sold their souls for material wealth.

A History Of: Celebrities and Illuminati Symbolism.

Check out the FTM Drake shouting out to his masters with the Illuminati pyramid.

As you can plainly see these creatures are not like monoecious plants.  They’re synthetic worshippers of satan who engage in pedophilia and harvest human blood.  Earth is a farm and has been for sometime now.  The end of enslavement is nigh shall we all find a nobler path and decide forevermore to ignore these attention seeking transexuals.

Now we have the Corona Virus fakery upon us which is perpetuated by these freaks for some new form of mental enslavement.  I wonder what garbage they’re cooking up now while we’re on lockdown.  It feels good to be awake.  The best thing you can do to combat these shit lords is turn off your television.  Better yet, kill the television and find a higher purpose.

Kill Your TV: The Rules | Whole9

Here are some good Youtube/Bitchute Channels devoted to breaking the Cabal.

Mag Bitter Truth

MAG Bamily on Bitchute

MAG Bitter Truth on the Run Youtube

Above is Below

Above is Below Youtube

Epic Sellouts

Epic Sellouts Youtube

Mr. E

Mr. E Youtube

Be vigilant my friends.

-Unfurling Firs

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