Banjo Tooie 20th Anniversary Celebration Merch Available Now!

Banjo Tooie 20th Anniversary Merch!

Banjo Tooie 20th Anniversary Celebration Jigsaw

This piece is inspired by my eternal love of this absolute gem of a game.  Banjo Tooie took everything about the 3D platformer formula exhibited in Kazooie and expanded upon it to wondrous effect. 

In this scene our favorite shaman Mumbo Jumbo is joined by his supposed magical nemesis in Humba Wumba.  Mumbo does not need no stinking fire to enliven his marshmallow.  His magical staff, fantastically employed  in Tooie, is used here to impress his blushing adversary.  My head canon always felt the magical pair held an undying flame of love for one another.  They feel it necessary to hide their true feelings since such pathos would sully their craft.  They buttress Banjo roasting a marshmallow courtesy of a cheery Dingpot and the mythical Dragon Kazooie.  Spiral Mountain can be seen in the starry background while Gruntilda’s Lair takes on a life of its own and peers in from afar. 

I had fun making this piece and I hope it provides you with warm n’ fuzzy nostalgic feels. 


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