Go Back

Go Back by Chameleon Daze

Off of the forthcoming project Tempest Ameliorates.

A song inspired by the essence of the African concept Sankofa.

Sankofa translates to “Go back and get it”. No matter how murky the waters can be your past holds the answers to what you do now with the moment-to-moment dance that is life.

I chose to sample an excerpt from Digimon: The Movie because I recall having great emotional investment in the story as a child. Wendigomon initially haunts Willis as a demon from his past. However, the cantankerous brute is truly that little bunny rabbit within who has outgrown his former vessel and appears grotesque. In reality Wendigomon is brimming with life and simply needs his acknowledgement and renewed love.

This vignette within the film is about embracing the inner child for they have never left and never will. You can always tap into the blissful egoless wonder that is you all along.

This was cathartic to make and I hope you enjoy it.


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