Decoding Babylon Part 1: Colors

Part 1 of Shadow Conspiracies

This series is for regulars who grew up among Baphomet children and did not understand why they were routinely rejected by strange looking peers. This is Satan’s world built for folks who have skeletons in the closet. Soft pretty boys and hard handsome lasses are pushed by the media on all fronts. We are brainwashed, ostracized, and treated like dirt for no reason simply because we have regular human anatomy.

This is an effort to unveil the deep seeded programming we are not told about seemingly around 12-13 yo on average in America. I am only able to relate my experience in the states. However, from what I’ve gathered about others abroad caught in the middle of this creature culture (CC 33) the experience is similar wherever you go. Middle school is when these people find out what they are in droves and begin the ostracism of regulars along with throwing hand signs. I had many friends who became distant contorted versions of themselves by high school. Instead of life being this mesmerizing mystery unfolding from the finger tips of God these people have to learn about the club and the various falsehoods we are indoctrinated to believe. These people are the majority and are in your family.

Learn human anatomy. Real skull and bones men are rare. Women are common but often subverted or unknowingly married to free martins.

Now to look at the club of witches and wizards. 99% of people identifying as male are freemartins or females given a blast of testosterone in utero. Think CIA Pickle Factory. They gave girls pickles and are now XX males. Nowadays I imagine martins can make martins without chemical intervention since their ancestors covered this part for them but I am certain there are many who want to guarantee a martin. This is detailed in A Brave New World which is about today, not some dystopia of the far away future. Castrati, or more commonly, swyer syndrome males with female genitalia are far less common. I am certain castrati still make up a large portion of the female population. In my area, I’d put the number as high as 20% but this is geographically variable. Los Angeles, for example, appears completely trannified whereas your average suburban town likely has 0-30% castrati among females.

Check out XY castrati/swyer Olive Oel throwing the Triad Claw
Average XX male body type. Peter Griffin/Homer Simpson are renowned Freemartin mascots

Since the biggest group of the population is obviously the freemartins and the vast majority of male skeletons identify as she/her THEY are the bulk and have been for some time now. If I had to break down my geographical region here is what I see…

50% free martin/ 10% Castrati/ 40% female/ <1% male (being generous here. It’s hard to find a skull and bones male.)

They are the bulk of the populace comprising about 60-70% by my estimation and most women go right along with it for some strange reason. There are not many around who take the truth all the way through but we are out there and we need to find each other. We can start by analyzing our enemy since they have taken oaths against us and decided for themselves to go against God with their nefarious lies.

I cannot stress this enough. I would not pay any mind to such matters if there was not a secret hand sign throwing evil club but there is and it is everywhere.

Who cares if someone is born intersex? I certainly do not. However, when Harry Potter among all media glorify the notion of secret societies through allegory there must be a fundamental catalyst. Secrets are fundamentally evil. Obviously this does not include intimacy or other private matters. Secrets are used to disclose information to special people. They parasitize the world with seeds of distrust. The mere existence of secret societies inherently taints life as all information ought to be readily available to everyone.

They hide technology and land. They indoctrinate and generally enslave humanity under the guise of democracy. It’s fake gay clown theater and the main actors are transvestites. Unfortunately, they are continually conducting a program to flip everyone and are pretty far along now. My whole family is trans. I am the only one with a skeleton that matches my sex. I can agree with the idea of our souls having an anima and animus or masculine/feminine polarities. However, these people seem to believe they are inherently better than those who do not have trans bodies.

If you wish to continue understand that there may be some people who are born trans but are not in the cult. I find that difficult to imagine, but certainly possible. If they are not in the cult then they do not at the very least experience the hellish behavior from those who so clearly are given a leg up on regulars when it comes to career and finances. There is an artificial glass ceiling in Satan’s world as everything pushed and pumped up has to be inverted.

There is evidence this coven or cult has been around for ages yet virtually nobody talks about it in the agora. We have to seek out refuge on the web where few genuine folks around the corners have been able to share the truth encumbered by petty censorship. Censorship proves that we do have power. They want drones who go along with every measure they take in their broadway play to destruction. I’m not having it. Anyone who calls out their antics is targeted. The truth is worth risking it all. Let’s keep the matrix on its heels until the truth rings across the land. All secret societies and the notion of capitalism ought to be buried yet never to be forgotten as a lesson in psychosis, nepotism, and avarice. I show them kindness and they treat me like an invalid. They hate regulars because we exist. These opposite skeleton people privy to the secrets speak in code. One of their codes is color. Let’s begin with their favorite color.


God’s Mesmerizing Creation

Orange oscillates between warm and cozy to loud eye popping annoyance. Think tiger lilies, tiger cubs, and sunsets contrasted with cautionary road signs, construction (I’m certain many construction projects are decoys for clubber activity), Oompa Loompas, and Donald Trump. Beautiful in certain contexts, but often obnoxious. The only other ROYGBIV you can say that about is red and yellow. Gee their baby is orange. Who woulda thunk it?

My brother grew up wearing orange as often as possible. He’d wear orange flip flops with long orange socks and an orange dolphin shirt. It was nuts. He slowed down when he became a teen, but the early allegiance was too much to overlook. I found his love of the color to be ornery and notable compared with the rest of the family. I felt something was off from the word go but they kept me busy. Now it’s easy to see the club’s presence everywhere.

Freemartin with hidden hand sign repping club colors

Orange is the only color that comes out to 33 in gematria. O=6 R=9 A=1 N=5 G=7 E=5, 6+9+1+5+7+5= 33

Here are some 33 connections:

Humans have 33 vertebrae.

G, as in the Free masonic G/Gangster, “Whaddup G?” slang, is the 33rd letter if you complete the alphabet and start over again.

Jesus supposedly died at 33.

1/3=33 percent or the proportion of fallen angels mixing with humans.

Repeating numeral duality idea.

MM is 33 sideways (Think Eminem, Mac Miller, Master Mason, Majora’s Mask). Sideways is also 33 in gematria.

CC (closed captioning, cultural center, cc on email, content creator, the list is endless).

CK (C=3 K=11 11×3=33) Think Calvin Klein, etc.

MC (rappers).

EE (Video game summit E3 is undoubtedly a 33 reference) is 33, Electric Eel might be a fake animal.

It’s probably the most flexible double digit value out there.

23 is 2 3s or 33 (Michael Jordan/ most famous athlete number, stupid Jim Carrey movie making out their codes to be complicated, etc..)

27 is 3 cubed or 33 (Think of the 27 club of celebrities who fake died at that age like Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.)

3-11 the band is a nod to this club along with 3oh3.

And so much more…

There’s a new gym called Orange Theory. I steer clear of gyms anyhow, but this one might as well be a gun shop. Let’s think big picture though. Babylon is orange.

There are Orange Counties in eight states including California, Florida, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia. Not to mention Orangeburg County in South Carolina. There are many Greene counties but no plain Green or other ROYGBIV counties period.

There are 26 towns called Orange. Orange, Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia. Compare that with 11 towns named Green, 6 towns named Blue, 6 named Violet, 0 Red, 0 Yellow, and 0 Indigo. I went out of the standard ROYGBIV for Brown which is the name of 11 towns, Black is the name of 9 towns, White is the name of 9 towns, Silver is the name of 3 towns, Gold is the name of 3 towns, and Golden is the name of 13 towns. Golden is the second highest I found at half of what Orange has. We have a Code Orange here.

Big time kid’s programming network Nickelodeon is flamboyant orange. I like Hans’ breakdown of the word. “Nick” as in eunuch, “El” word for God that baffos like, “Odeon” sounds like odious which means repulsive or extremely unpleasant. They know they’re toxic waste dumps and they are proud of it. This is repulsive eunuch lower case g god programming. Nickelodeon means jukebox or an early movie theater but these people live on double entendres. The devil is in the details.

Gross programming for drones

All of your big burger chains…

McDonald’s is red and yellow makes orange. Sideways 3/Masonic M idea.

Burger King is red and yellow=orange

Wendy’s is red and yellow makes orange with serpentine 6s or Ss/spirals/filigree ideas.

Dairy Queen with orange flare and duality/ yin-yang/ hot-cold/ as above so below symbolism.

Little Caesars is plain orange with 666/spirals on toga.

In N’ Out Burger is red and yellow makes orange with sideways connotation.

A&W is chock full of orange.

Carl’s Jr. Red and yellow makes orange plus creepy pentagram idea.

Hardees Same idea, different region. Weird name change.

Popeyes is blatantly orange.

Marco’s Pizza has a lot going on here. Masonic M, pizza pedophilia connotation, and top slice removed as in all seeing eye pyramid idea. Might be the creepiest of the bunch.

Orange Julius devil on the orange. This one is on the nose.

Whataburger is disorienting to look at. Hypnotizing masonic M/pyramid/as above so below ideas. Creepy beans mate.

Taco Bell old logo first is obvious red and yellow makes orange but modern logo seems more sinister. Modern logo still retains red and yellow with voluminous purple infusion for royalty. You also have the evil looking 666 and creepy reptilian eye idea where the yellow clapper/tongue is. Despicable satanic logo.

Pizza Hut is red and yellow makes orange

Dunkin Donuts is orange and purple. Their favorite colors. Unity and Royalty. Also spiral idea with steam. Satan loves spirals. DD is also 44 which is destruction in gematria.

Elite baffos know these places are for plebs. However, I think many go despite knowing how they are inherently dog shit. Baffos, especially Martins, often wreck their bodies since they know they’re doomed. Might as well go down the salty grease ball slide to hell.

Exhausted from fast food? Alright. Here are some well renowned gas stations. You can’t avoid these babies in Babylon. I have heard theories gasoline comes from trees and is essentially an infinitely renewable resource. All the middle east BS fake war/oil deposits is a theatrical cover up. They just change/codify the prices when they feel like it.

Gas Stations


This one seems to be everywhere. As ubiquitous as McDonalds and the logo is awfully similar too for a reason. Orange.


Creepy orange optical illusion pyramid here. Probably their favorite symbol and color combo. Also, this is a gas station you’ll see everywhere.


Ball earth programming and orange all over the place. Another commonplace gas station.


This one screams Highway to Hell. The arrow could be pointing any direction. They chose down for a reason. Ubiquitous.


They love orange of course. This one is not as common but I do see them on occasion.


Not as common. Standard orange.

Now that we’ve covered the roads let’s look at sports ball.

Orange Sports teams

All sports are rigged period. They are just as much of a circus as politics and everything else in backwards world. They are probably the greatest propellant of the toxic competitive mentality pushed in America. I grew up ensconced in them since my whole neighborhood was obsessed but by the time I was a teen they lost their luster. Who cares about uber rich bozos throwing a ball around? Well, I’ll show you who cares…

The only university mascot known simply by a color: Syracuse Orange. No other fruit or just the color named teams. Yes, there are Red Raiders. Actually there are St. Louis Blues and Cincinnati Reds in the pros but that is besides the point. Those are plural. Syracuse is the color period.

Many mascots like this one look like a grotesque demon. They wear what they are proudly.


Denver Broncos

Lightning bolt above eye. Note: The Denver International Airport has a demonic looking blue bronco outside with red laser eyes

Cincinnati Bengals

B looks like 13 with black n’orange halloween. Spooky!

Cleveland Browns

Just an orange helmet. Why not brown? We know now. Note: main joke about this team is about “Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl.” The pinnacle of hilarity is butt and poop jokes for freemartins.

Chicago Bears

Ooh scary orange bear.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Old logo. New logo is a jolly roger which is really just skulls n’ bones with swords. Here we have an FTM pretty boy red and yellow makes orange with one eye symbol. Can’t get any more clubby than this.

Miami Dolphins

Sun worshippers. All dolphins logos are prominently orange.


New York Knicks

New York is a bustling hive for inverts. This logo is brazenly orange with a downward facing triangle. Tailor made for the cult.

Phoenix Suns

Two favorite colors of the hive sported here along with sun worship.

Golden State Warriors

Yet another Satanic logo. Satan came down in a lightning bolt prominently displayed here with standard orange infusion. Gee, I wonder why they chose this team out of Kalifornia to have the most wins in a regular season ever?

Miami Heat

Red and yellow makes orange

Charlotte Bobcats

Yes, they are no longer the Bobcats, but here is an orange Bobcat with a lightning bolt bottom whisker.


Baltimore Orioles

The most orange team in baseball.

New York Mets

Orange is New York’s color.

San Francisco Giants

Standard orange logo

Houston Astros

Orange pentagram with fake outer space programming in name. Houston, we have a problem!

Miami Marlins

Master Mason Miami Marlins covered in Satan’s favorite color


New York Islanders

New York loves orange.

Calgary Flames

Like Miami Heat, color scheme makes sense here. Orange.


Syracuse Orange

Roided out martins go here.

Oregon St. Beavers

Orange with lightning bolt on top of head

Oklahoma St. Cowboys

Cowboys is spot on. Bowlegged “men”

Texas Longhorns

While I am certain baphos throw devil horns at all universities, this one is most well renowned for the “Hook ’em Horns”. The real meaning is thinly veiled guys.

Clemson Tigers

Favorite colors.

Florida Gators

Big phony Christian ftm alum Tim Tebow went on to play on another boldly orange team in the NFL. Phony 501C3 Christianity covered in orange. Ya don’t say?

Arizona St. Sun Devils

On the nose here. One of the largest American universities for a reason.

USC Trojans

Located in the middle of the city of Lost Angels. More like fallen angel baphomets.

Tennessee Volunteers

Orange pentagrams. Nothing new under the sun…

These days most motorcyclists I see are martins sporting orange. The most common flower at the front of yards nearby are orange day lilies. It’s a BIG club and regulars are not in it. Let’s move on to the duality stuff.

Black and White

Think Yin Yang


Black and White tiled media

Big time kids network Cartoon Network

Oreo Cookies

Tasty but filled with additives. Also, Irene Rosenfield is CEO of Nabisco and we know what she is…

Dark side and light side

Zelda may be a collection of enjoyable games but they are riddled with freemasonic mystery school ritualistic allegory.

False race war of America where blacks are oppressed and whites are oppressors and all other races/skin pigments are simply ignored, Think Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights Movement, KKK/Black Panthers, etc.

Check out the puffy faced dude on the left and the tight skinned laddie in front. Reverso theater all day long. Shirley Chisholm is a man! Thurgood Marshall, C’mon now!!
MLK throwing devil horns. Watch peoples hands when they speak. I have a so called friend who throws devil horns at least 4-5 times every conversation. I believe it signifies a lie or tall tale. It’s not natural and is not just “Rock on” or “I love you.”
Just a puppet breeding divide and conquer. “No, he fought for civil rights!” Keep dreaming. He’s a character in the story of racism which is nowhere near as prevalent as the media wants you to believe. He played the hero of a false narrative. Like Fauci plays the hero of our false plandemic narrative today. History is a lie. They are against regulars. Check out Cam Bee or Chris tattoo’s work regarding multiple roles. MLK is likely playing another role and looks awfully Asian here.
Orange theater performer
These freemartins play both sides.
Staged photo. Guarantee these pricks fist bumped after this shot.
Thurgood Marshall: First “Black” Supreme Court Justice. Just a freemartin puppet.
They wear the giant robes since they consider themselves lifelong Hogwarts residents among a mass of cattle. Thurgood wore long robes since people probably would think he was pregnant.
Look at the veins on the neck of Shirley Chisholm. The first African woman in congress.
Ignore the hair. All dude there.


Type of absolutist thinking without considering grey areas

Black and white psychology is deeply entrenched in the education system because they do not want you breaking out of their box. You appeal to authority or are left by the wayside. It is psychologically damaging to be shown these dramatic psychotic episodes of war, serial killings, terrorism, etc.. The joke is on you as they are all fake codified events. Usually these events are coded with 7s or 11s like the convenience store chain. 33 is their main calling card.

It’s not remotely funny. History and the news are fake but sold to you as real. Stop paying attention to them. They are a strange tribe who keep their lies tight but cannot put the veil back once God has unveiled it. What can we do now that we know?

Red and Blue

Red is hot, passionate and fiery, the color of love, blood, and war.

Blue is cold, cool and watery, the color of calm, ice, and solitude.

Red, White, n’ blue flags. Divide and conquer across Satan’s earth.

The most common country flag colors. This conditions people to think political parties are constantly at each other’s throats and there are strong divisions within however it is a farcical play. They want to keep normal folks stupid and divided and what better way to do this than starkly contrast the political party colors. Think about it. One party is hot and the other is cold. The fact they coexist is mind boggling. If politics was genuine you might have a dark green and light green party in honor of trees and the most common color in nature with an underlying understanding of our roles as ecological stewards but it’s a stage so they have to make it stupidly dramatic.

Red vs Blue

Red lodge AKA Republicans or Conservatives. Generally these folks want to save their money and minimize government involvement.

All the long necks and straight across shoulders on so called women. Grandma throwing devil horns on right side. Fat, sloped shoulder hairless martins for the “men”. Tranny filth.

They like large tracts of land where they can play with their toys like ATVs, snow mobiles, dirt bikes, tractors, and the like. They are country bumpkins who make dalliances into the city but prefer to be at their home workshop. More likely to be blue collar folk who wear flannels and conduct trade work like auto mechanics, welders, and farmers.

Regions in U.S.: Deep South beginning in Virginia on down, Mid West, Middle West like the Dakotas, but they are everywhere.

Religion: They are usually Protestant Christian Bible thumpers who go to congregation every Sunday and praise fake Jeebus citing John 3:16 without reading the big book at their bedside and understanding Jesus’ true teachings.

Martins: Fat or meathead hunters who will brag to you (if you’re a regular man) about how much pussy they slay, the biggest fish they caught, their motorcycle, or some Ikea furniture they are building. Boastful about being tough.

Hol’ on now. Lemme convey my phony nationalism, love of pentacles, and don’t you dig my fake hair? Golly gee. I took too much T!

Strats: Honestly don’t see many of these. Tomboyish wearing jeans or ripped jeans. Act like the toughest bad bitch no one wants to mess around with. Trophy wives anti-gay but trans so nothing makes sense.

Sports: They follow Nascar, NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, Wrestling, and never “gay” soccer.

Dogs: America’s dog is the golden retriever. They have big dogs like german shepherds, rottweilers, pit bulls, bull dogs, basset hounds, huskies, malmuts, etc. usually for hunting or some other service related reason.

Cars: They like pick-up trucks and brag about their engines and torque. Martins especially like raised trucks to compensate for their micros.

Where are your collar bones? Nice soft hands. Chunky red lodge martins are often overtly patriotic. These guise are tough!!!

They are more likely to own fire arms. Martins are often thought of as manly because they are gross couch potatoes drinking copious amounts of Jack Daniels or Budweiser. Strats are usually tom boyish which is fitting given their biology. Generally speaking, they have a limited lexicon compared with blues but compensate for that by reveling in their independence as landowners. They’ll constantly toss around jargon like “my property”. These are commonly the folks who have garish no trespassing signs and barbed wire. God owns everything. We are here to experience God’s creation, not section off land for certain people. Being thick headed about property lines is Satanic delusion.

Blue Lodge AKA Democrats or Liberals. These people want to virtue signal and harp on the negligent red lodgers.

Frumpy martins in back. Uber gay on the right and the ladies all have long necks and straight across shoulders.

Regions in U.S.: Northeast, California (silicon valley), Oregon, Washington but they are sprinkled everywhere.

Religion: Bull shit woo woo Omnistic, Agnostic, or Atheist is probably most common. There are many Christians which includes those polar opposite Catholics and Mormons but I feel most are in the Doctor Who/Rick and Morty mentality of nihilism and alternative timelines to cope with their lies.

Martins: Soy boy is only blue, meatheads are more common with porcelain skin and spray tans, brag about how much pussy they slay (more like man pussy meatloaf vagina from gross strats). Think big corporate entities wearing suits and my generation is littered with little programmers and computer geek freaks. These are the cartoonists, advertisers, trekkies, and creepy pedophiles that run this place. They’re boastful about tech related stuff.

Soy boy martins with giraffe neck sis in back. You waking up yet?

Strats: Shrieking virtue signaling bane of existence types that wreak havoc on social events. These are the scariest sub group imo since they will berate you. Other three groups will not bother as much. These ones HAVE to let you know what they think. Trophy wives, poetic orange/black n’ white scarf wearing narcissistic bitches, if you are a regular, these are the horrific demons of youth that tried with every fiber of their being to eat your creative soul to no avail. Most commonly school teachers, nurses, annoying artists, and tattoo covered bitches.

This is the scary strat look. “I don’t care what you’re doing. I’m about to ruin your day”

Sports: NFL, NBA, Soccer, Tennis, MLB, NHL, Golf, abhor Nascar for environmental reasons.

Dogs: America’s dog is the golden retriever. Frou frou fancy bred smaller dogs like poodles, Pomeranians, bichons, yorkies, dachshund, scotties, beagles, etc.

Cars: Sedan/Soccer mom hybrids like Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Tesla, Smart cars, Volvo, Subarus, Range Rovers. They want to virtue signal about being eco-friendly and tech savvy.

Virtue signaling blue lawn for you. They are all true at face value. Dig deeper though. First one is black n’ white divide n’ conquer fakery. 2nd one is championed by strats and falls flat. Third one is true of course. 4th contains NASA fakery embedded into it so no lots of pop science is trash.

They like tidied lawns, the cutting edge technical marvels, and sterile cold spaces. Often thought of as more intelligent than red lodgers but the truth is they live in their heads and are often so far removed from nature that they become idiosyncratic narcissists. They’ll have frou frou fancy bred dogs or will get pit bulls in an effort to reintegrate the species bred to fight into society. Dogs are a big area of virtue signaling along with cars. They might own a small gun for “protection” but likely abhor guns. They’ll go on spiritual awakening trips to Costa Rica and the like. Ostensibly have wads of cash but will still shop at Walmart and pinch every penny from their laborers. Their houses are magazine like but feel cold and sterile.

They like trannies the most and will virtue signal about their color blindness or support of LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ BS. They put stupid signs on their lawns worshipping science/seance and rainbow sodomites. They will talk about doctors like gods since they ensure their weird tranny surgeries go without hiccup. All of them go to doctors and think it odd if you do not routinely go in for a check up. They are more often techies, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. They prefer fruity drinks, seltzers, ciders and the like. Trust fund hippies are common outputs. They are far more repugnant try hards than their red lodge cohorts.


Red and blue makes purple. Hence royalty. They play both sides.

Blegh. Witches casting spells.

These people put on a big show but in reality support the tranny cause above all else. Think of when Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the election and wore purple in the ensuing event. She’s speaking to the club in color saying she took the L but still supports team purple. The royal invert team.

Think Prince’s song Purple Rain. It’s actually Purple Reign.

Sporting the trans symbol red and blue makes purple in the middle. Looks soft and gay as ever. Welcome to the world of soft men and hard ladies.

My rex dad who is not my bio father always states his favorite color is purple and notably makes no opinions regarding the political circus since he knows it’s bs. Purple does not show up in nature often. Violets, some irises, mountains and skies during exceptional sunsets… Royalty is reserved for few in light of how rarely it shows up in nature. The notion of royalty and special bloodlines however is inherently satanic caste system nonsense.


Coopted by gays. Whatever that means in upside down world.

They made rainbows into sodomy association. Ass backwards. Butts produce excrement and sodomy is probably the biggest offense to God outside of murder.

Rainbows are amazing reminders of our firmament. Rain followed by glorious sunshine results in an arch of our full color spectrum high in the sky. A magnificent optical event that only comes around once in a while and brings utter joy to the heart on sight.

Sodomites think this is God telling them it’s okay to do butt stuff and heterosexuality is just a tiny piece of the great deviant degraded hyper sexualized society all around us. A rainbow means no judgment to them. God is watching always and I don’t think other mammals do butt stuff. Just degraded human beings with sodomy eye bags.

In case you did not know what poop deposits underneath the eyes or sodomy eye bags look like, here is hellywood animator Craig McCracken showing his inspiration for his pedo cartoons.

The answer for how to cope with all of this rampant evil is to disconnect from television and most technology as it is tainted by these people. I do not think they are human. They are the tares spoken of by Jesus Christ in the Bible. Find the truth and walk alongside Christ as we watch Babylon crash and burn en route to glorified bodies in Heaven for withstanding this great test of our resolve.

Fame does not matter. Money does not matter. What does matter is the truth.

The information I have shared with you today is blatantly in your face. It is not hard to deduce once you know what to look for. It is everywhere. Most don’t talk about it because they were born into it and cannot speak out against this club. Let them be children in the marketplace calling out to one another. Their magic has run out and the time for judgment is nigh. If you are a part of this club I have no doubt you are going straight to hell. I sincerely hope this information aids in bringing you outside of Satan’s charade and his endless destruction into the light of God.

I encourage you to come by for the next installment where we address fake animals.

God bless us all.


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