Your Ocean

Floral Collab Painting with my daughter

Your Ocean

I’m feeling drawn to the ocean you’re swimming in,

Taking my first strokes in your aquatic erotica,

Beneath the waves are bony knaves who couldn’t tread water,

A crystalline heart glistens deep in your sea,

I can dive deep enough for I hone my inner chi,

We can find the divine channel together sweets,

A harmony of tongues and feet guides us into the earth,

Where the great green swallows us like seeds,

Spat out in the reeds,

To be flowers among weeds,

We birth the ocean with a wave,

Wherever we wanna go wild and rave,

Over the generational slave who only complains,

The heart can mend these trends,

Cease the corruption from so-called friends,

Babylon collapses overnight,

Our dance in the light ends the blight,

We wake up from the nightmares they programmed in us,

Devote life to the good work always,

An endless dance of entrancing collaboration,

The lines between the dream are blurred at the foundation,

We return to the place we are going to,

Beyond the moon and the sun,

Rising over the glade in a serenade of old nature entrusted as sage,

Where there are no wars staged,

For we have entered an age of gushing milk and honey,

A golden river of succulence good for all who provide for the God that painted them,

Animated and enabled them to reach out to each other,

From sister to brother,

From one canvas to another

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