Compost TV Grow Food Merch Available on Red Bubble!

I think we can all agree with the sentiment of this design by this point, well, unless you're a covidiot.  In due time you'll come around and understand the idiot box for what it has always been.  Let's revitalize the earth together by loving our neighbors with no consideration for the asinine recommendation to socially … Continue reading Compost TV Grow Food Merch Available on Red Bubble!

Monoecious Plants and Divine Androgynes

Today I want to begin a discussion on understanding our environment and how people have molded themselves within it.  An apt comparative model are monoecious plants.  First let us begin with defining monoecious. Monoecious : describes a single plant that bears both male and female flowers. Most evergreens are monoecious.  Your spruces, firs, and pines … Continue reading Monoecious Plants and Divine Androgynes