Editing and Revising

Hello fellow writers.  All of my life I have been told I have a knack for editing papers.  I pride myself on detailing exactly what elements of your work shine and what I feel can be tweaked.  I will offer insight on concision, elaboration, and grammar of your content dependent upon what you send me.  Whether you are writing a scientific journal, a non-fiction piece, a fictional story, or even poetry I will pore over your work with a level of attentiveness given to a home’s first puppy.  In our day and age, this attention to detail comes at a price.  I will charge $25 per hour of editing I conduct regardless of content complexity.  We will make beautiful pieces which garner healthy reception and have great efficacy in our present literary climate.

Send me your work via e-mail here.

I will respond as promptly as humanly possible.  Once I have completed the edits, I can send them to you through google drive or back through e-mail dependent on your preference.  I will send a breakdown of edit time along with aforementioned details both on document and through e-mail in a succinct synopsis.

Payment: Venmo works for me otherwise you can mail a check sandwiched between blank paper to my address which I will provide for you if this method is requested.

Please specify your payment method after you have reviewed my edits and we can go from there.  Shall you not find my efforts beneficial, I am willing to continue working on it under a fresh clock.  If you wish to go elsewhere after my initial edits, I will not charge you for my time.

Here’s to a fruitful relationship.


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